About us

With new ownership from April 2019 we are now a purely Swedish company with focus on the homefield. When we can’t find the competences required for our assignments within our borders we expand our search within the European cooperation. Everybody that works as consultantsfor us has the same terms and conditions under the respective union agreements on the swedish market.

Staffup is a company that offers services within staffing, recruitment and outsourcing. With 12 years of experience on the swedish market we have managed to build a large contact network of both customers and candidates across the country. Staffup is based from Stockholm, but by the nature of our buisness we work all across the country. We are currently engaged in several fields of buisness, including medical care, customer service,sales, logistics, electronic assemblage and the food industry. But we are always looking to expand our fields of expertise with either new cosultant managers or new customers.

Longevity and trust is our relationship goals

Our largest and oldest collaborations have recently passed decennial status (2008-2009), long and trustful customer relationships is our game and we have the credentials to back it up.


Our business model is part of the reasons for our successful relationships with our customers, as each consultant manager is their own business owner within the franchise. This allows us to combine the intimate relationship one expects of a small business while allowing us to collaborate around resources and candidates to extend the reach of each manager.

One foot abroad

We recruit within our networking channels both inside aswell as outside of Sweden. When we search for new candidates by adverts you’ll find us on the larger hubs within Sweden, for example, blocket and ‘Arbetsförmedlingen’ (Swedish public employment service). But when the qualifications are hard to find nationally we expand our search, primarily to bordering countries within Europe but in exceptional cases even further afield. As an employer we offer everyone the same terms that are set by the swedish unions.

New colleagues

Do you feel like our approach to the staffing industry is something for you?

Perhaps starting as an employed with future potential of ownership of your own buisness area?

Maybe you are already within the industry but is looking to be part of a larger cooperative and the advantages that it entails without giving up the responsibilty and freedom of a smaller buisness owner.

The width of our reach is decided upon the individuals working with us along with their individual experience and expertise. We are always open to dialogue with new potential coworkers that can help us grow our competence and numbers.

If interested, contact us via mail and we will get back to you.

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